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The Legal Clinic of the Faculty of Law at the UAH (CL-DECADE) was created in the 2012-2013 academic year, after the approval for an innovative academic project aimed at exploring a new teaching methodology based on learning-service. For their Final Degree projects, students in the Faculty use a working and teaching method for Law by which, in addition to the knowledge acquired during the courses, they become familiar with parts of the Spanish legal system and acquire abilities and competences related to their future profession. They do so by providing a legal advisory service to the community in real cases of social interest. The Legal Clinic thereby performs the basic tasks assigned to the University: teaching, research and innovation, and service to society.

Law teaching in the CL-DECADEinvolves the following:

  • Students deal with real problems as any lawyer or legal specialist would in real life.
  • Students must solve those problems personally.
  • Students interact with other people (users of the service, students, teachers and social agents) to solve problems.
  • The cases are social or public, and the users of the service are people lacking economic resources or in vulnerable situations, who obtain the services free of charge.
  • Students are monitored and personally assessed.
  • This supervision and assessment is carried out by teaching staff. .

An important aspect of the Legal Clinic is raising students' awareness and their training in the professional ethics of the legal profession, including social commitment. They provide a public service, reflect critically on real problems and their complexity, and design strategies to solve them.

For further information, please see Academic Innovation Project Activities Report (PDF).

Logo del OBSERVATORIO DE EXCELLENTIA EX CATHEDRA de la Universitat de ValènciaLa Cátedra DECADE-UAH y la Clínica Legal, como actividad principal de la misma, ha sido recientemente galardonada con el I Premio en la categoría de “Buenas prácticas en el desarrollo de actividades de investigación e innovación" que otorga el OBSERVATORIO DE EXCELLENTIA EX CATHEDRA de la Universitat de València.

CL-DECADE Regulations

Areas of work

Fields of social interest of benefit to the general community. They are usually related to non-governmental associations and organisations in collaboration with the CL-DECADE:

  • HIV and rights
  • Disability and rights
  • Immigration law and rights
  • Access to medical treatment and rights
  • Social rights

Who can apply for the services at the CL-DECADE?

Applications from both individuals and organisations should be sent by e-mail to , using the Service Application and Responsibility Waiver (WORD), according to the Legal Clinic regulations (PDF).

Applications should include the main details of the problems; more information may be required after acceptance, if necessary.

The service is free of charge for users (mainly people lacking resources). For applications from organisations, a collaboration agreement is the suitable framework for providing the services and planning the students' work.

Do your Final Degree Project or Master's Degree Final Project at the CL-DECADE

If you are a final year student on the Law Degree or you are taking a postgraduate course at the Faculty of Law, if you have not decided on the subject of your degree final project, and intend to apply all your legal knowledge to solving real life problems, if you want to take advantage of learning in legal clinics, providing a service to vulnerable social groups, we offer you the opportunity to do your degree final project at the CL-DECADE.

For further information, please contact:

Please fill in the Secrecy and Privacy Clause (WORD) if you would like to work at the CL-DECADE, and the form (ficha) for each case assigned.


Voluntary work at the CL-DECADE

If you are not at the point in your studies described above, but you are interested in providing legal advisory services, you could work as a volunteer at the CL-DECADE.

For further information, please contact: 

Credit recognition for these activities is still being arranged. Nevertheless, we can issue a certificate for your work.

The CL-DECADE team

The CL-DECADE professional team includes lecturers, lawyers, social workers, experts from NGOs, associations and foundations to ensure the project's viability (coordination, tutorship, students' assessment, referral of cases, financing and logistic support).

Academic Staff

  • Isabel Cano
  • María Díaz Crego
  • Juan Alberto Díez Ballesteros
  • Guillermo Escobar
  • Ricardo Escudero
  • Jorge García-Andrade
  • Manuel Lucas
  • Carmen Pérez-Sauquillo
  • Miguel Angel Ramiro
  • Raquel Roso
  • Pablo Santolaya
  • José Zamyr Vega

Associations and Non-Governmental Organisations

Sociedades científicas

Lawyers' Offices and Foundations

Faculty of Law