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Law Yearbook

President: Prof. Dr. DJosé Enrique Bustos Pueche, Decano de la Facultad de Derecho  ()

Director: Prf. Dr. D. Miguel Rodríguez Blanco  (

Subdirectora:Prof. Dr. D. Jorge García-Andrade Gómez  ( ) 

Secretary: Profª Dra. Dª Ana Fernández Pérez  (

Coordinador de Edición: Prof. Dr. D. José-Zamyr Vega Gutiérrez ()

Every year since the 1991/1992 academic year, the UAH Faculty of Law has published the Anuario de Derecho (Law Yearbook), in order to highlight the research work done by teaching staff and to act as a vehicle for dissemination and communication for future researchers, to promote exchanges with other universities, and to include contributions made by various legal experts at the meetings and congresses organised by this Faculty and its departments.

The Law Faculty Yearbook, the Anuario de la Facultad de Derecho, is a scientific journal produced by the Yearbook's management team, led by the Faculty’s Dean, with the same objectives, in which the authors highlight the importance of research in the legal sphere. The Yearbook also promotes cultural exchanges. 



Total or partial reproduction , by any means, the content of the Yearbook without prior express authorization of the Drafting Committee is prohibited.

Anuario de Derecho 

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